Adobe Cloud Manager API Playground

Adobe Cloud Manager API Playground

Adobe’s cloud manager API allows access to programs, pipelines, and environments by an authorized technical account created through the Adobe I/O Console. To access the API, postman or curl commands can be used to get the response. This might involve manually building the request by copying the program id, and environment id and generating a JWT token on or adobe io. This process is time-consuming and subject to human error. The Cloud Manager API Playground enables authorized users to make API calls to the Cloud Manager API using their current user account. Users can get started without worrying about the technical account details, it will already be provisioned for clients in the cloud manager. The API playground is a great way to experiment with querying and mutating data.

API playground provides the following capabilities:

  • Test authorization and access control
  • Work with and test multiple environments
  • Explore previously ran queries
  • Run previous queries in a single click
  • Explore queries, mutations, arguments, and more with the explorer view
  • Work with payload, and named query parameter

 ‘Cloud Manager API Playground’ can be accessed using the following URL by replacing the program id in the below URL –{program id}/repositories

In the output, check-in repositories array

"repositories": [
 "_links": {
     "": {
        "href": "/api/program/{program-id}/repository/{repository-id}/branches",
        "templated": false

If you don’t have access to the cloud manager API playground, create a support ticket in Adobe for API playground access. 

The playground is early access work-in-progress. It may not be fully functional. Remember to not skip over the Adobe disclaimers on the API playground home page.

Some of the issues I found with API playground 

  • No access to API playground
  • The organization is not displayed in the dropdown
  • Loading message stays in the dropdown 
  • Message displaying ‘Unable to execute request’

Your browser Developer tools might provide some information on this, they could be javascript errors or requests getting blocked due to cross-domain origin.

In case of these errors or if the API playground is not working as expected, you can either create:


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