AEM 6.5 Upgrade Part 1: Discovery and pattern detector analysis

AEM 6.5 Upgrade Part 1: Discovery and pattern detector analysis

AEM upgrade is a multi-step process that depends on scope of the upgrade and requirements defined in the discovery phase.

Adobe documentation has covered various steps on how to upgrade, but the code upgrade process itself isn’t discussed in much detail and is different for each project.

We will be covering a few topics related to code and customizations for the AEM 6.5 upgrade from the lower version.

List down the AEM Upgrade Scope and Requirements

During the discovery phase, identify key elements and make an inventory of existing code repositories. This list must have adobe standard requirements for upgrade and any custom requirements from the customer. 

Here are some prerequisites to consider – 

Pattern Detector Analysis

Pattern Detector helps you to predict issues that are critical that would cause major issues down the line by giving warning messages during the upgrade process. It also helps you in closely monitoring certain aspects of the upgrade process.

Pattern Detector Analysis report are suggestions and improvements based on

  1. Deprecated and removed features: Adobe constantly evaluates product capabilities, to over time reinvent or replace older features with more modern alternatives to improve overall customer value, always under careful consideration of backward compatibility.
  2. Content Repository restructuring: Content is being restructured out of /etc to other folders in the repository. AEM product code will always be placed in /libs, which must not be overwritten by custom code. Custom code should be placed in /apps, /content, and /conf
  3. Adobe’s recommendation for Best Practices: Deploying best practices describe how to deploy or maintain AEM in the most efficient and most effective way possible

Good luck on your Upgrade!

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