Digital Assets

Digital Assets

We build AEM connectors and extensions to integrate with
third-party software and video hosting platforms

We organize and automate content for marketers, and IT teams to easily collaborate for launching digital experiences. With our digital asset management solutions, customers can quickly find and edit assets in order to share them across teams and channels. We simplify digital asset management(DAM) by automating the process using content intelligence, tagging, and proper structuring. We create a tailored solution to help you market your rich media content across different channels and devices.


Our products connect to internal and external systems to import and export digital contents, which can be used on different channels.


Our DAM solutions include:

  • Simplified organization and structure of digital assets 
  • Streamline workflows across asset creation, management, automation, delivery, and optimization
  • Search capabilities to locate the right assets using out of the box and custom-built queries
  • Brand unification and preservation using creative content tools and watermarks
  • Security to manage permissions with extensive copyright and content governance policies
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